Locked out of Windows?  Reset your password with BootMed Plus

Forgot your Windows password?  Resetting a Windows (XP/Vista/7)* password with BootMed Plus is easy.  After you create your BootMed Plus CD, it only takes a few clicks to get the job done.   Check out the video walk-through below, then scroll down a little further to purchase and download BootMed Plus.

*BootMed Plus resets the passwords of Home and Starter versions of Windows XP/Vista/7 using BootMed Plus. If you have a business version of Windows, please read this before you reset a password.  Do not try to reset the password of a computer that has an Encrypted File System (EFS). If you have encrypted your files using EFS (Encrypted File System), reseting your password may make your files inaccessible. If you are resetting a password on a personal computer you should have nothing to worry about.

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No questions asked refund

If BootMed Plus does not work for you or if you are otherwise unsatisfied with the product, simply send an email to bootmed@bootmedplus.com asking for a refund.  Be sure to include your name (and only your name) as it appeared on the PayPal payment form, this way your payment can be identified.  You will be issued a refund and your account at BootMed Plus may be closed.

Because I have limited time (read "Where does your $9.99 go?" below as to why) I am only able to offer refunds and no individual support.  However, the extensive video tutorials that are built in to the CD will provide you with plenty of general support.

System Requirements:

  • CD-ROM
  • If your computer ran XP, you should be able to run BootMed Plus
You will also need a working computer and a blank CD to burn the BootMed Plus software.

Where does your $9.99 go?

My wife and I work in Southern Brazil at a Christ centered orphanage (check out our blog). We depend on donations for our living expenses. BootMed Plus and a few other projects I have provide me with money that I can spend on electronics that don't qualify as "living expenses," but that help me maintain and grow my computer knowledge.  Some of the payment also goes to overhead. Paypal takes a portion of each transaction and I also pay Amazon S3 to host the very large BootMed Plus files.

Our work at the children's home takes up a lot of our time, making it impossible to provide support (even paid support.)  Between our busy lifestyle and the inconsistent internet, I can be late in responding to emails or processing refunds.

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